Ready to commit to growing a business that is in full alignment with your personal values - & dream of doing it in a way that sees you being in demand & wildly profitable?

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Check in with identifying your own core values and how these can be firmly integrated into the way that you build your business


You will be fully guided as you cast your mind right through the end of 2020 and beyond so that you and your values can co-create


With your values highlighted, craft a clear plan of aligned action for your business that honours your values above all

"Learning to trust my intuition has changed everything in my business for the better! No more overthinking and second-guessing - just a deep knowing and trust I'm on the right path. It's so much more fun and easy this way!!"

Jackie Johnstone
Online Business Coach

Your Host, Laura Husson

In August 2016, I was faced with the hardest Q I’ve ever been asked.

Spoiler alert: I was asked quite simply “what do you WANT?”.

The question itself wasn’t scary. The fact that I had NO IDEA how to answer made me want to throw up.


I WAS OUT OF ALIGNMENT & WORKING TO THE EXPECTATIONS OF OTHERS (like most other humans walking this planet are too).

If I had been able to really allow myself to explore what I wanted and feel Into what was aligned to my values - this would have been an entirely different experience and trajectory that followed.

Fast forward a few years and after working in partnership with my subconscious mind and putting my relationship with my intuition at the top of ALL of my priorities - I’m now 100% aligned with my vision, values and actions.

In this 2 hour workshop, I’ll teach you everything I did to reconnect to my values and step into living life with vision alignment (AKA a life that feels spacious and ease filled).

Join the community for this fully immersive experience and you will walk away:

  1. In 100% alignment with your vision for 2020 (and life beyond)
  2. Clear on who you need to BE to put this vision into motion and make it your reality
  3. With a deep understanding of why you've never been able to see it this way before and what you need to focus on next

" I have learned to trust myself in ways I had been over trained out of. As I've opened myself up to my intuition I've been able to help my clients on a much deeper level. This work is transformational."

Shaneh Woods
Prosperity Coach

"Soooooo.... a couple of weeks ago special happened. I may have had a 'little' intuitive reading with the pretty amazing Laura Husson that blew my frickin mind people. You know when someone looks into your heart and sees ALL of you. That. She spoke the reality I have been slowly leaning into in a way that left me knowing of the fullness of what awaits for me and the reality I am creating. W.O.W the next six months is about stepping into my own Business Beyond Belief. #watchthisspace"

Suzy Ashworth
Mindset & Messaging Mentor


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