You're standing on the brink of a huge change. You can feel it. Other people can feel it. And yet... it's as if an invisible buffer holds you back no matter what you try or how determined you are… you need:










You’re ambitious, conscious and so smart -- yet sometimes you find yourself wondering whether the success and happiness you see others make look so effortless is really possible for you.
Truth bomb: It is -- everything you desire is possible for you and so much more.
It feels like you’ve tried everything -- the therapy, the moon rituals, the manifestation, the law-of-attraction teachings -- but it’s not quite clicking.
It’s time to get under the hood and look at what’s keeping you stuck -- so you can finally shift into a higher gear.
It’s time to open yourself to possibility and get moving towards the transformation you seek in your business, relationships and desires.
It’s time to become authentically, 100% totally YOU.

Want to know if The Get UNstuck Sessions® is right for you?


Listen, I know you’re busy and pulled in a million directions every hour. And this is exactly why you need to experience the sessions. There's a reason that the time to prioritise yourself never quite materialises and I'm going to show you.

I also know that, despite all your hard work, there’s still some invisible thing that’s keeping you stuck in an old loop and unable to move forward -- and you’re ready to know what it is!

You’re ready to up-level your life and business. You want clients & referrals to come to you more easily, you want to find out if you even have a bigger purpose, you want more freedom to explore and travel, you want your relationships (with your family and with yourself) to feel more loving and yes, you want to grow your income and you (secretly) wouldn't mind experiencing those coveted £10K months...

Whether you’ve heard about subconscious transformation already and you’re curious about what impact it could have for you or this is the first time you've ever heard it mentioned, this experience is 100% for you.



The Get UNstuck Sessions® is different 

First of all, I used to be a teacher -- and so I know how to deliver complex information in bite-size chunks that will get you the lightbulb realisations you need to move forward. Not only that, you’ll walk away with implementable steps to change your life right now.

Second, this isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve run these sessions six times now with more than 8000 people! And the results are always epic. So epic, in fact, that this is the first time I've made these sessions available without a waitlist -- so hop on-board now!

Third, we’re diving into all things subconscious transformation which I can guarantee is the missing piece for you, your business, relationships and dreams.

I can say that confidently because I’ve got the daily DMs, messages and testimonials to prove it!

So if you want megawatt clarity on exactly what you want and the excitement and confidence to go and get it… 

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Hey! Have we met yet?

I’m Laura Husson aka Totally Laura.

Totally Laura started in 2006 as an easy social media handle and it’s turned into something so much bigger than I ever imagined.

What I’ve discovered on my journey from teacher to single mum to website girl to country-hopping entrepreneur, happily married Mum of two, and subconscious transformation expert is that:

My growth & expansion is directly related to yours and every time I do life, business and parenting MY way, it’s like a permission slip for you to be Totally YOU as well.

I’ve shown thousands of others how to do that -- and now it’s your turn.

I can’t wait to meet the version of you that’s authentically, 100% Totally YOU.

It gets to be different now. 



You’ll get instant access to 3 Q+A Sessions PLUS deep dive trainings on:


Whether you’re already super clear on your goals or have been shying away from setting them, this process will guide you on how to connect with your purpose and reveal what your ideal scenario looks and feels like.


The messages that your subconscious mind gives you and holds onto as truths are what determine the level of success available to you. In this training, I'll show you how to identify your biggest blocks and how to immediately shift them


With clarity comes confidence. In this stage we will get super clear on the immediate steps you get to take that will propel you towards the vision you’re tuned into. Whether this is a brand new vision or refining of an existing one, action creates results.

After SIX times hosting The Get UNstuck® Sessions Live, here’s what previous participants have had to say:



It's your time. Are you ready? 

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