If you're not yet seeing the changes in your life that you crave, then you're likely missing what you're going to learn in this FREE online experience


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You can be grateful for what you have and still want more.


I repeat: It's safe for you to WANT MORE. 

So many of us can hear a faint whisper in our ear that says if we could just try a bit harder, learn a bit more, lose a little bit of weight, or make a bit more money… then we’ll be happy.


  • It’s ok if you know what you want but aren’t taking action.
  • It’s ok if you’re taking all the action sometimes but not all the time.
  • It’s ok if you are overwhelmed, unclear, or in a cycle of beating yourself up because you know what’s possible but aren’t fully showing up for it.


Here’s why it’s ok:

Because you’re human.

AND, because how to actually SHIFT your subconscious beliefs isn’t something that your parents, teachers, or extended education have taught you.


Why are your subconscious beliefs important?

Because they affect how you show up for EVERYTHING

  • Your confidence level depends on your subconscious beliefs.
  • Your consistency depends on your subconscious beliefs.
  • Your ability to receive (money, ideal clients, success, pleasure) depends on your subconscious beliefs.

And, I’m here to help you SHIFT them so that you can experience everything you desire (aaand feel confident and capable whilst doing so)


Who is The Get UNstuck® Sessions for?

  • It's for you because you’ve tried more 5-day challenges and webinars online than you count and while you may have seen some results… so far, none of that really seems to have stuck
  • It's for you because you find it difficult to pinpoint exactly what you want for the bigger picture of your life. While you can identify goals for your business or life in the short-term, the reality is that you’re not hitting them consistently. Every month you promise yourself (and others) that things will be different and then find yourself justifying why... they're not 😫. All you know for sure is that something has to change
  • It's for you because even though you don't really know why you're here beyond the fact that you kinda like my energy & something you heard me say - you're finding yourself curious to learn more. Something is telling you that this might be different to anything you’ve done before and that excites you
  • You’re open to showing up and willing to trust in the process to see what’s possible 


It’s ALSO for you…


  • Even if you’re a home-schooling mum stretched beyond capacity 
  • Even if you’re a 6-figure entrepreneur or coach who (on the outside) seems to have it all
  • Even if you’re super cynical and think this a load of BS 💩
  • Even if you love science and facts more than anything vaguely spiritual (or the exact opposite!)
  • Even if you’re more comfortable with a step-by-step process or blueprints 
  • Even if you’ve been stuck in the hustle but are getting tired of being sold the idea that your ultimate goal in life should be to get to 6/7/a gajillion figures
  • Even if you feel pretty good most of the time… but there’s a hint of something under the surface that’s not quite letting you reach your fullest potential 
  • Even if you’ve attended before and simply want to experience MORE breakthroughs -- you are welcome!

Whether you’re trying to keep on top of laundry OR all of your creative ideas -- when you join this experience you’ll find instant relief and create space to finally understand why your life isn’t where you want it to be (yet) PLUS how it gets to be different moving forward.


If you’re not yet seeing the changes in your life you want, then you’re likely missing what you’re going to learn in this FREE 5-day experience.


I know that you’re serious about getting unstuck so that you can reach your fullest potential. So... you have a choice right now: either,

1.) keep doing what you’ve been doing and working far too hard with little to show for it...


2.) you can sign up for The Get UNstuck® Sessions and have new possibilities for your life open up in front of you


The Get UNstuck® Sessions 

A week-long FREE event to dive into subconscious transformation to create and receive more clarity, more momentum, and more of what you want.

Beginning Monday 21st June 2021 8:30 PM BST


Over our week together, you’ll get access to 3 LIVE Q+A Sessions PLUS deep dive trainings on:


It's time to get crystal clear on what you want. Whether you think you know or have trouble figuring it out, this process will guide you on how to connect with your purpose and reveal what your ideal scenario looks and feels like.


The messages that your subconscious mind gives you and holds onto as truths are what determine the level of success available to you. In this training, I'll show you how to identify your biggest blocks and how to immediately shift them


The juiciness that occurs when intuition, Spirit and seeing beyond your (previously) limiting beliefs come together is true MAGIC. In this segment, you'll identify the key steps to move forward to achieve your goals and reveal your true vision.



This is our THIRD time hosting The Get UNstuck® Sessions and we couldn’t be more excited. Here’s what previous participants have had to say:





I'm Laura Husson.

Consider me your fairy godmother of subconscious transformation. 

I’m here to show you what it looks like to lead a life of confidence and purpose and teach you how to do it for yourself. 

The Get UNstuck® Sessions are the perfect starting place whether you’ve done mindset work and feel like you’ve got a pretty solid handle on things and are open to more, OR if you’ve never really dipped your toe in personal development work before. 

Either way, subconscious transformation can change EVERYTHING for you.


It's your time. Are you ready? 

Join us for the Get UNstuck® Sessions by signing up below:

Beginning Monday 21st June 2021 8:30 PM BST