Spirit Retreat - Isle of Wight 2020

Welcome sweet Spirit!

I'm thrilled that you're ready to secure your space at the first ever UK Spirit Retreat!

You'll be travelling to join me here on the magical Isle of Wight where we will connect you and your Spirit as the true soulmates with crystal clear channels of communication (the way it was always supposed to be).

There will be ceremony. Ritual. Space. Emotion. Expansion. Emergence.

We will be reprogramming you at a subconscious level so that you shed the identity you arrive with and leave anew. You will have full support throughout this emergence and beyond.

When you leave the house at the end of our time together you will be walking taller, smiling wider and knowing with unshakeable confidence that you're here to take up space and have a truly profound impact here in this lifetime.

Full details were planned to be created on a fancy page. BUT... I know you're ready to secure your spot so instead I want to share that once you submit your deposit you'll have access to the Spirit Retreat Concierge Portal where we will walk together through ALL of the details (packing, flights (if you're coming from overseas), travel essentials, schedule and all kinds of other prep!).

We will also have 3 'Family' calls. 2 of them prior to the retreat so that you arrive already connected and 1 upon our return 'home' to celebrate how integrating into our new being is going!

Important things to know before you commit:

  • Dates: 21-25 September 2020 in Shorwell, Isle of Wight, UK
  • Rooms: Mix of twin rooms and 2 private rooms available
  • This space has been created with the intention of connection, love and truth and we expect all family members to honour that agreement
  • We will be utilising Clinical Hypnosis, TIME Techniques, NLP, EFT and channeled guidance - if you're uncomfortable with any of this please message before submitting your deposit.

That's it! If you're tingling and know it's a full body YES - book your bed! I'll share the details of the house with you on the inside - I want people booking on the premise of the experience rather than to visit the property - yes it's THAT wow!

Got Q's? Message me on Insta or FB!

SO thrilled for you and your Spirit <3

Welcome to the Family dear one.

Bookings are not refundable but you may transfer to another name should you become unable to attend.



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