1:1 Shift Session

Finally... The Codes for rewriting the way you BE in life, love and business.

You are not stuck, sister. 

The people who access your work are getting incredible results... Life feels great... and yet - you're still buffering up against an invisible barrier between you and that elusive next level of income.

Perhaps you're at a junction in your life where you can't quiiiite get ahead. You keep saying you're going to leave your full-time job, get the promotion or book that trip and every time something gets right in the way.

Or maybe you're experiencing roadblocks in your love life. Arguments with your significant other where there used to be laughter... Endless strings of dates that just don't click or worse... no dates at all.

Wherever you're experiencing these cycles, you know it's all right there for the taking. You see others taking it so you know it's all possible... but for some reason no matter what you try you keep seeing the same patterns playing out.

Accessing the subconscious mind together, we will: 

  • Identify what’s true for YOU
  • Clear the existing limiting beliefs that are the sneaky suckers keeping you from what's FOR you
  • Rewire your patterns from the ground up

And YES we can do this inside of one session!

Kay wanted to give up a habit that was making her feel yucky in all areas of her life - WE CRUSHED THAT PESKY HABIT IN JUST ONE SHIFT SESSION!

Shaneh wanted to firmly establish a HUGE business goal as already done in her future - HER SUBCONSCIOUS RECEIVED IT AS TRUTH IN ONE SHIFT SESSION!

Alex wanted to delete the feeling that the walls were caving in on her when her money anxiety kicked in - WE REPLACED THAT EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE IN ONE SHIFT SESSION!

Jackie wanted to remap the belief that she was bad at saving money - WE SHIFTED THAT STORY IN ONE SHIFT SESSION!

And these are only a few examples of what's possible when we go in at the subconscious level...

Say yes to writing a new future for yourself and let's schedule your 1:1 Shift Session right now!


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