025: Our Significant Connections

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2021






On the latest episode of The Get UNstuck® Podcast, Laura reflects on the legacy of her recently passed friend, Laura Hames-Franklin and how we don’t always realise the impact our teachers and mentors have on us until much later.


Listen to the episode here >> Our Significant Connections


Tune in to hear:

  • Laura’s story of awakening after having her second child
  • How she could feel a shift coming but couldn’t see what it was (do you relate!?)
  • What happens when we follow the signposts towards content that intrigues us – even when we don’t understand it yet 
  • Why our resistance to growth might be showing up and how hard it can be to see our potential reflected back to us
  • Why focussing on the ‘HOW’ can be an easy trap to fall into on our journeys
  • What jealousy might be showing you 
  • The unique magic of...
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024: PSA: Coaching Industry...prepare for freefall

Uncategorized Feb 12, 2021







Welcome to 'the' episode of The Get UNstuck® Podcast. Laura shares why she exited her Trainers Training certification and issues a call to arms for all members of the coaching industry. Leaders, customers, clients, facilitators... it's time to take a stand.

Listen to the episode here >> PSA: Coaching industry... prepare for freefall


Tune in to discover:

  • The massive wake-up call I had during Trainer’s Training 
  • What a coaching certification rooted in integrity, safety, inclusion, accessibility is – and what’s it definitely is not
  • Why I was so resistant to saying I was using NLP for The SHIFT Sessions®
  • Why simply teaching transformational tools isn’t enough and what can happen when those holding them aren’t in integrity
  • What I’ve learned about doing things “by the book”
  • My call to arms for...
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023: Erin Lindstrom on BEing a Whole Human

Uncategorized Feb 05, 2021







On the latest episode of The Get Unstuck® Podcast, Laura is joined by the incredible Erin Lindstrom, who takes us on the journey of remembering what a gift it is to be human and meet the whole range of emotions and experiences.

Listen in to the episode here >> Erin Lindstom on BEing a Whole Human

Tune in to discover:

  • Why the approach you take for sharing your work and taking up space matters so much (and not just to you)
  • How to reframe your problems so YOU don’t become the problem
  • Some gorgeous tips on how to be more compassionate in challenging times, as a parent and as a human
  • The difference between checking in with your human and with your being (that you’ve probably never thought about before)
  • The mindset shift around goals that will make your life so much sweeter 
  • Why it’s SO important to listen to your own intuition about...
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022: Nicky Pennie on Life Having your Back

Uncategorized Jan 29, 2021






Hey Shift Seekers!

How can someone go from self-confessed “control freak” with crippling nerves and constantly on the brink of burnout…


To a chilled-out coach living in France with a philosophy of, “Life has my back so I’m now hands off the wheel”? 

Find out in the latest episode of The Get Unstuck® Podcast! My guest, Nicky shares her story and it is seriously inspiring – especially if you’ve ever thought being a grown-up isn’t all that great. 

For real stories of the incredible shifts subconscious transformation can facilitate, listen here >> Ep. 22: Nicky Pennie on Life Having Your Back

Tune in to this episode to discover:

  • Nicky’s story of how following her intuition (and a post on Facebook) led to huge breakthroughs
  • What it’s really like to turn down a 6-figure salary...
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021: Bringing Travel Back

Uncategorized Jan 22, 2021





Hey Shift Seekers!


The podcast is back with a bang! (Or is that the sound of an aeroplane engine firing up…?)


On the latest episode of The Get Unstuck® Podcast, Laura is talking about what it means to be 100% TOTALLY YOU


Despite fears

Despite lockdowns

Despite judgement

Despite rubbish travel agents who take your money and don’t call you back… 


If you want to find out more about what living the unstuck life is really like, listen here >> Bringing Travel Back


Tune in to this episode to discover:


  • What being ‘Totally Laura’ means in practice (and why it’s not always comfortable or convenient)
  • The link between Centre Parks and listening to what you really desire
  • The one HUGE reason I’m so obsessed with helping people open up to new possibilities 
  • How to find magic in the...
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020: 2020 in Review

Uncategorized Dec 18, 2020





What a year! In this episode, Laura discusses what 2020 has looked like inside of her business and shares her top lessons, wins and things that she is releasing before stepping into 2021.

2020. We definitely did not see it coming.
Despite the prolific amount of reminders we receive minute to minute telling us what a write off this year was - there has been growth.
In this episode I'll share with you:
What my word for 2020 was and how that has shown up
My top 3 lessons from the year
My top 3 wins from the year
The three things I'm releasing before stepping into 2021
My word for 2021
I'd love you to take a listen and then come and share your 2020 in review with us in The SHIFT Seekers group - www.theshiftseekers.com.  We have a live giveaway running and it's not too late to get involved! 
The Totally Laura Team:
Mary - ...
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019: The Truth about Integrity

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2020





Integrity is a word we see bandied around everywhere. but what does it really mean? How do you know if you are in or out of integrity? How do you know if someone else is? It's all laid out in this episode.

This was a wake up and record kinda episode! Fresh new inspiration that had to be delivered in the 'now!
I shared:
  • What integrity isn't
  • What it really is
  • How you identify what pulls you out of integrity
  • How to spot it in others
  • How your values come into play
  • A real life example where I was faced with huge tension when it came to my own integrity
Listen below or search 'The Get UNstuck Podcast' in your favourite podcast app.
I'd love to welcome you to join my free facebook community The SHIFT Seekers. You can find us at www.theshiftseekers.com
We have a live giveaway running and it's not too late to get involved! The SHIFT Seekers is also...
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018: Banning the 'B' Word

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2020





Tuning into the language we use has more power than we give it credit for.  In this episode, Laura discusses how reframing your words can shift your reality.

What was discussed in this episode

  • Focus on your language and how it’s part of your identity that’s weighing you down
  • Use the ‘B’ word as a marker of success
  • Laura’s own website was a mess when she was the website girl
  • Things started to change when Laura hired her first freelancer
  • Realisation “it doesn’t have to stay this way”
  • Getting help gave more time
  • How things quickly got to be different
  • This experience caused reflection on how she uses her language
  • Saying things on repeat becomes your identity
  • The language you are using - how could I say that differently?
  • It took time but Laura changed her language which in turn changed her business
  • What could you ban from your...
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017: Tapping Into Your Own Energy

Uncategorized Nov 27, 2020




After hearing friends, family members and clients all say "you must be exhausted!" after delivering The Get UNstuck®  Sessions, in this episode I share why I'm more energised than ever and how you get to experience the same.


What was discussed in this episode


  • How 100% of your energy comes from your subconscious

  • Energy slumps can be changed by a shift in attention

  • Why I felt energised by this launch 

  • How I use my own tools to clear fear of exhaustion

  • Ensuring your environment helps you feel your best

  • How my team all work in their best energy

  • Laura’s energy attracts amazing people

  • Your energy is reflected by all those around you

  • How to use your energy to carry you through less desirable tasks


Links we discussed:

Waitlist for SHIFT Sessions

Get UNstuck Collective

Building a Values Led Business Workshop


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016: Shaneh Woods on Coming out of the Spiritual Closet

Uncategorized Nov 20, 2020



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In this episode, meet Shaneh Woods who shares her journey from meeting Laura in 2018 and being openly sceptical about the world of channeled guidance, crystals, oracle cards and the like - to her fully expressing herself and coming out of the spiritual closet not only in her business, but in her marriage too.


What was discussed in this episode

  • Background into Shaneh;
  • How Shaneh was sceptical about the first call with Laura;
  • Shaneh’s first experience of an Oracle Card reading with Laura;
  • Shaneh’s marriage story;
  • Her experience in Bali;
  • How she was able to say yes to an opportunity;
  • How she views the world now compared to 2018 before she met Laura
  • To not be in servant mode 
  • How Shaneh works with people and what lights her up;
  • Fearing the possibilities of what might happen
  • Surrendering and what we can learn from each situation where we experience fear
  • Being aware of...
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