057: The Truth About Being Lucky

Uncategorized Dec 17, 2021

Perceiving things that happen to ourselves or to others as 'lucky'? In this episode of the SHIFT Seekers® Show, Laura shares her stance on where luck comes from and how to create more of it in your own life. 

Listen to the episode here >> Ep. 057: The Truth About Being Lucky

Tune in to hear:

❤️ The weird link between guilt, gratitude and luck (that you might recognise from childhood!)

❤️ Disempowering vs empowering ways of looking at success and abundance 

❤️ Debunking the myths we’ve accepted about what luck is, so you can step into the energy of making things happen

❤️ What “holding it loosely” and embodiment have to do with getting travel upgrades (vs seeing it as purely “luck”)



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“Playing with the energy of ‘What else is possible?’ makes magic available” -- Laura Husson

“A lot of luck is really us mastering the art of allowing ourselves to ask for what we want.” -- Laura Husson

“You are a co-creator of the luck that you experience in your life. It’s never a passive process to create luck (aka results); it’s something you actively participate in by hanging out in the energy of possibility” -- Laura Husson

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