055: The Truth About Waiting

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2021



Life is not a dress-rehearsal. There’s no time to waste. 

In today’s episode of the SHIFT Seekers® Show, Laura is sharing a potent reminder about what happens when you put your life on hold.

If you find yourself waiting until you’re ready, waiting for permission, waiting for the perfect conditions or keep deferring dreams decisions until… later -- this is a must-listen.

Listen to the episode here >> Ep. 055: The Truth About… Waiting

Tune in to hear:

❤️ A powerful story about the true cost of putting your goals on hold

❤️ Why some coaches with top-class training are *still* waiting to call themselves a coach

❤️ The link between living in the moment and taking aligned action 

❤️ The mindset “hack” you need when you’re afraid to take bold action 

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“Reminder: Being able to show up exactly as you are in every area of your life is an incredible gift to you and everyone around you.” -- Laura Husson

“Waiting for news. Waiting for updates. Waiting for permission. Waiting attracts waiting. Waiting leaves us feeling powerless. Stop waiting and take that step” -- Laura Husson

“Truth 💣 When you place yourself on hold, you literally suspend yourself in time and prevent new doorways opening up to you.” -- Laura Husson

The Insta accounts Laura pours love on in this episode are the super inspiring @Nicknacklou and @happy_inyourskin - go follow them both!

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