049: The Truth About Conditional Living

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2021



Hey Shift Seeker!

This brand new episode of The SHIFT Seekers Show® plants the seed for you to look at where you're living your life on a set of conditions that no longer fit who you are becoming. Consider this a prelude to a much larger conversation...

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Listen to the episode here >> 049: The Truth About Conditional Living

Tune in to hear:

  • How writing her book led to Laura’s profound realisation about what it means to live a Totally YOU life 
  • The subconscious fears around opening yourself up to possibility 
  • What a solo Maldives trip taught Laura about what we “allow” ourselves 
  • Interrogating the conditions you put on yourself e.g. “I’ll allow X when Y” 
  • The physical expression of expansion and the crucial question you must ask to not stop your growth 
  • The 3 major sources of our conditioning and how to start deconstructing the conditions placed upon you (and what happens when you do) 
  • A super simple guide to start writing your own rulebook for life



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