042: The Truth About Money

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Hey Shift Seeker

Let’s talk about MONEY! This is Laura's favourite topic of all time - and it certainly hasn't always been that way! 

Tune in to the latest episode of The Shift Seekers® Show to hear the TWO things you need to know first about MONEY.

Listen to the episode here >> Ep. 042: The Truth About... Money

Tune in to discover:

  • What your subconscious mind has to do with your relationship with money 
  • The truth about what “Money is energy” really means
  • The truth bomb you need to hear if you feel guilty about spending or shame around your bank balance
  • What Laura means when she says “Money is an amplifier”
  • Creating a healthier relationship with money so you no longer put off paying bills, fear looking at your bank statements, or spending at all.
  • The identity shift it’s possible for you to make so you can have and hold more money 

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