033: Suzy Ashworth on Business and Friendship

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2021





On the latest episode of The Shift Seekers Show™ Laura is joined by her good friend and Quantum Transformation Coach, Suzy Ashworth! They talk all things travel, transformation and share the real truth of what goes on behind-the-scenes when scaling a business.


Listen in to the episode here >> 033: Suzy Ashworth on Business and Friendship


Tune in to discover:

  • The unexpected link between travel and business growth
  • New perspectives on truth, honesty and saying what you really feel
  • The lessons you can only learn from inviting a room full of women onto the stage in nothing but their underwear
  • The thoughts, feelings, beliefs and intentions behind a mature business
  • How to know when someone has done the work
  • Real money talk on scarcity and security
  • Navigating big changes and still keeping business flowing
  • The secret sauce very few people in business talk about


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Suzy Ashworth is a seven-figure entrepreneur and a quantum transformation and embodiment coach with the superpower to help female entrepreneurs create six-figure breakthroughs in their business so that they too can expand into a limitless living, and create an incredibly positive difference in the world.


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