028: Creating the Get UNstuck® Sessions

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Hey Shift Seeker!


On this week’s episode of The Get UNstuck® Podcast, Laura is sharing the journey of how The Get UNstuck® sessions came to be -- including all the twists and turns along the way and a behind-the-scenes look at creating an experience like this for 1000 (and counting!) people.


Listen in to the episode here >> 028: Creating the Get UNstuck® Sessions


Tune in to discover:

  • Why The Get UNstuck® sessions is different from your usual “5-day challenge” you see online
  • How “It gets to be different now” because of what is shared in The Get UNstuck® sessions
  • The journey from May 2020 when this experience was called The Get UNstuck, Get Clear and Get MOVING sessions (where I sent a personal welcome message to everyone of the 300+ people who signed up!)
  • How the movement of Shift Seekers is growing (over 1K in the Facebook group!!)
  • The incredible things we can create (including this podcast) when we take the first step 
  • What goes on behind-the-scenes of creating an experience like this for 1000 (and counting) people


Plus an invitation to join us! It’s super easy to “keep up” with the content and we will take care of you in a way you have never been taken care of in an online space before. We start a week of totally FREE subconscious shifts on 8th March. Join us here if you haven’t already >>> www.thegetunstucksessions.com 

For more inspiration to help you get unstuck and moving towards more of what you really desire,  find Laura here: www.theshiftseekers.com 








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