026: Emily Wysock-Wright on Aligning to Self

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2021





On this week’s episode of The Get UNstuck® Podcast, Laura is in conversation with Emily Wysock-Wright about the incredible shifts that can happen when we decide to change (and how you don’t even need to know what that change is yet).


Listen in to the episode here >> Emily Wysock-Wright on Aligning to Self


Tune in to discover:


  • Navigating identity shifts and how denying parts of ourselves can show up in business
  • How The Get UNstuck® Sessions simplified business and life for Emily (despite her questioning, “Do I really need to do this? I know all this?”)
  • Why letting go of the outcome and continually coming back to Self can be the biggest game-changer
  • Why you have to slow down to go faster in your business (the the big breakthroughs that happen when you do)
  • The importance of letting go of the old ways to welcome in a new, bigger, more aligned vision for your business
  • Shifting the belief that you must work hard and look busy to be successful and why it’s not what you’re doing it’s who you’re being that matters
  • What subconscious shifts can mean for messaging, creating content, relationships, money, clients, family (seriously, the list is endless)
  • The misconceptions that inner work has to be hard, painful or upsetting (clue: it doesn’t, it can be gentle, easy, instant and fun!)


Emily Wysock-Wright is a Multi-certified Transformation Coach and Integrative Business Coach who specialises in taking Spiritual Wellpreneurs from online hustle to empowered leadership, ready to deeply serve clients and soulfully reach income goals.

Check out Emily and her work here: https://www.instagram.com/energetically.emily/


And make sure you’re signed up for The Get UNstuck® Sessions! We start six days of totally FREE subconscious shifts on 8th March. Join us here >>> www.thegetunstucksessions.com 


For more inspiration to help you get unstuck and moving towards more of what you really desire,  find Laura here: www.theshiftseekers.com 








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