025: Our Significant Connections

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On the latest episode of The Get UNstuck® Podcast, Laura reflects on the legacy of her recently passed friend, Laura Hames-Franklin and how we don’t always realise the impact our teachers and mentors have on us until much later.


Listen to the episode here >> Our Significant Connections


Tune in to hear:

  • Laura’s story of awakening after having her second child
  • How she could feel a shift coming but couldn’t see what it was (do you relate!?)
  • What happens when we follow the signposts towards content that intrigues us – even when we don’t understand it yet 
  • Why our resistance to growth might be showing up and how hard it can be to see our potential reflected back to us
  • Why focussing on the ‘HOW’ can be an easy trap to fall into on our journeys
  • What jealousy might be showing you 
  • The unique magic of Laura Hames-Franklin and what we can learn from her about living in our fullest expression, regardless of what’s happening around us
  • The importance of our teachers and everything we get to experience because of them


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