024: PSA: Coaching Industry...prepare for freefall

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Welcome to 'the' episode of The Get UNstuck® Podcast. Laura shares why she exited her Trainers Training certification and issues a call to arms for all members of the coaching industry. Leaders, customers, clients, facilitators... it's time to take a stand.

Listen to the episode here >> PSA: Coaching industry... prepare for freefall


Tune in to discover:

  • The massive wake-up call I had during Trainer’s Training 
  • What a coaching certification rooted in integrity, safety, inclusion, accessibility is – and what’s it definitely is not
  • Why I was so resistant to saying I was using NLP for The SHIFT Sessions®
  • Why simply teaching transformational tools isn’t enough and what can happen when those holding them aren’t in integrity
  • What I’ve learned about doing things “by the book”
  • My call to arms for the coaching industry to massively up our standards
  • What’s up with boards and certifications
  • How you can be the change you want to see 


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