023: Erin Lindstrom on BEing a Whole Human

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On the latest episode of The Get Unstuck® Podcast, Laura is joined by the incredible Erin Lindstrom, who takes us on the journey of remembering what a gift it is to be human and meet the whole range of emotions and experiences.

Listen in to the episode here >> Erin Lindstom on BEing a Whole Human

Tune in to discover:

  • Why the approach you take for sharing your work and taking up space matters so much (and not just to you)
  • How to reframe your problems so YOU don’t become the problem
  • Some gorgeous tips on how to be more compassionate in challenging times, as a parent and as a human
  • The difference between checking in with your human and with your being (that you’ve probably never thought about before)
  • The mindset shift around goals that will make your life so much sweeter 
  • Why it’s SO important to listen to your own intuition about choices for your business and life, even when experts and coaches are telling you you’re wrong.
  • The key to healing in all your relationships, including the one with yourself

More about Erin

Erin Lindstrom is a sales strategist and money mindset coach for 5, 6, and 7-figure business owners who are dedicated to creating more income and impact. Erin helps her clients achieve their life and business goals with a blend of down-to-earth spiritual tools and practical techniques that result in higher profits, better relationships, and more fun. When she’s not helping her clients make more money, you can find Erin playing with her two adorable kids, performing on stage at Push Comedy Theater (or Zoom for the moment!), or having a long conversation about life and the universe on her front porch in Norfolk, Virginia.


Follow Erin’s work here: erinlindstrom.com and IG: @erinlindstrom

For more inspiration to help you get unstuck and moving towards more of what you really desire,  find Laura here: www.theshiftseekers.com 





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