022: Nicky Pennie on Life Having your Back

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Hey Shift Seekers!

How can someone go from self-confessed “control freak” with crippling nerves and constantly on the brink of burnout…


To a chilled-out coach living in France with a philosophy of, “Life has my back so I’m now hands off the wheel”? 

Find out in the latest episode of The Get Unstuck® Podcast! My guest, Nicky shares her story and it is seriously inspiring – especially if you’ve ever thought being a grown-up isn’t all that great. 

For real stories of the incredible shifts subconscious transformation can facilitate, listen here >> Ep. 22: Nicky Pennie on Life Having Your Back

Tune in to this episode to discover:

  • Nicky’s story of how following her intuition (and a post on Facebook) led to huge breakthroughs
  • What it’s really like to turn down a 6-figure salary for a life abroad (in Nicky’s case, France) 
  • What’s actually going on when we feel the need to control everything 
  • What it might mean if you’ve ever heard yourself saying, “Stop the world, I want to get off!”
  • The gratitude shift you need to make (so that it can actually work for you)


Nicky is a Life Improvement Coach, supporting women to improve their lives, achieve their goals & find inner peace & freedom through our work together. She had a 15 year corporate career as a HR progressional before choosing to leave it behind in favour of the peace & tranquility of life in rural France where she lives with her husband,  4 cats, 3 dogs & 4 horses.



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