021: Bringing Travel Back

Uncategorized Jan 22, 2021





Hey Shift Seekers!


The podcast is back with a bang! (Or is that the sound of an aeroplane engine firing up…?)


On the latest episode of The Get Unstuck® Podcast, Laura is talking about what it means to be 100% TOTALLY YOU


Despite fears

Despite lockdowns

Despite judgement

Despite rubbish travel agents who take your money and don’t call you back… 


If you want to find out more about what living the unstuck life is really like, listen here >> Bringing Travel Back


Tune in to this episode to discover:


  • What being ‘Totally Laura’ means in practice (and why it’s not always comfortable or convenient)
  • The link between Centre Parks and listening to what you really desire 🤔
  • The one HUGE reason I’m so obsessed with helping people open up to new possibilities 
  • How to find magic in the unlikeliest of places 
  • Why letting go of expectations and control and following your intuition can lead to new opportunities
  • How to be MORE of you 


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