020: 2020 in Review

Uncategorized Dec 18, 2020





What a year! In this episode, Laura discusses what 2020 has looked like inside of her business and shares her top lessons, wins and things that she is releasing before stepping into 2021.

2020. We definitely did not see it coming.
Despite the prolific amount of reminders we receive minute to minute telling us what a write off this year was - there has been growth.
In this episode I'll share with you:
What my word for 2020 was and how that has shown up
My top 3 lessons from the year
My top 3 wins from the year
The three things I'm releasing before stepping into 2021
My word for 2021
I'd love you to take a listen and then come and share your 2020 in review with us in The SHIFT Seekers group - www.theshiftseekers.com.  We have a live giveaway running and it's not too late to get involved! 


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