017: Tapping Into Your Own Energy

Uncategorized Nov 27, 2020




After hearing friends, family members and clients all say "you must be exhausted!" after delivering The Get UNstuck®  Sessions, in this episode I share why I'm more energised than ever and how you get to experience the same.


What was discussed in this episode


  • How 100% of your energy comes from your subconscious

  • Energy slumps can be changed by a shift in attention

  • Why I felt energised by this launch 

  • How I use my own tools to clear fear of exhaustion

  • Ensuring your environment helps you feel your best

  • How my team all work in their best energy

  • Laura’s energy attracts amazing people

  • Your energy is reflected by all those around you

  • How to use your energy to carry you through less desirable tasks


Links we discussed:

Waitlist for SHIFT Sessions

Get UNstuck Collective

Building a Values Led Business Workshop

Subconscious Transformation Academy


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