014: John Price on Rapid, Aligned Breakthroughs

Uncategorized Nov 06, 2020


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In today's episode you'll have the delight of meeting John Price. John is a life coach, a beautiful breathwork practitioner and a dear friend and client of mine. Sharing John's story from the time we met until now is a gift for you if you can't see the "how" yet for yourself. 

What was discussed in this episode

  • John & Laura’s journey together & how they met
  • The power of Breathwork
  • Johns journey of self discovery
  • Johns experiences of manifesting
  • Self acknowledgement and love of self
  • How John became a Life Coach
  • What would he say to the old John
  • Self initiated change

Website -  https://johnpriceiii.com

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/johnpriceiii.coaching

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/iam.jpiii 


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