010: The One where I Lost the retreat Photos

Uncategorized Oct 09, 2020


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It's true, I really did lose the retreat photos from Bali!
This is going to be really interesting to share this with you and maybe some healing on my side.  This is one of those experiences that has taught me so much yet can’t quite make peace with it and hence the churning feelings in my stomach when I am sharing this with you.
What was discussed in this episode
  • Why I didn't initially want to have a photographer at Bali
  • Changing my mind on having a photographer
  • How the photographer told me the photographs were lost
  • My reaction to the lost photographs
  • Why I wanted to process the feelings from Bali
  • Honouring and processing the situation
  • How this situation made me see things through a different perspective
  • Dealing with the feelings of loss
  • Honouring your feelings 

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