Hey there! I'm Laura. AKA @TotallyLaura

Hey there! I'm Laura. AKA @TotallyLaura

Laura Husson

You totally get the Law of Attraction, you’re affirming your socks off and you understand how manifestation works… But whyyyyy isn’t your reality matching up to your dreams already?

You’re not alone, friend.

I’m Laura Husson, certified Subconscious Transformation coach. I help aspiring changemakers just like you go from the brink of giving up on uncovering the big dream to finally experiencing alignment in all areas of their lives.

After 7 years working as a teacher, I found myself having an almost out of body experience as I heard the words coming out of my mouth in the head teachers office “I’m handing you my notice.”. I had no real plan, but I did have unwavering TRUST that this was required and the rest would work out if I started taking action towards it.

I love working with people exactly like you <3 It makes my heart almost burst every time I see someone message to say “OMG it all makes sense now, I’ve been living my whole life believing xyz was true and it turns out that’s just a story I’ve been telling myself and now I’m FREE!”.

Much like a makeup artist can help you find your best angles and look your absolute best, I help my clients to experience a transformation on the inside so that they can finally live their lives fully expressed and able to dream so much bigger. 

Through my  group experience The SHIFT SessionsTM, my people identify what’s been holding them back until now, release that old programming and then step into a whole new, upgraded identity. If you’d like to find out about the next live round of this experience click here.

Away from the transformational work that I do in the world, I’m a wife, mum to two growing kiddos and island lover. I live on a tiny island off the south coast of the UK called the Isle of Wight (there’s a whole story HERE about how I came to live in our dream home) and spend the rest of my time hopping to other islands around the globe either facilitating transformational retreats or chilling out with the fam.