I see you, you spiritually curious being. And I know that you're ready for so much MORE.

More money 💷More energy ⚡More passion (ooh la la) 💋

First things first...

Let's get your energy in check:



Why you found me...

I'm Laura Husson and I'm here in this lifetime to help women just like you to step into their greatness. 

After starting my online business back in 2009, I built a whopper of a successful website agency. It was mega profitable. My husband quit his job back in 2013 to work in the business full-time. We had it all...

But something didn't feel right.

I went through online programs, coaching experiences and attended live events. Throughout all of this, I felt like a fraud. While on paper, we looked to be living the dream. The truth (that I couldn't face until it smacked me in the face) was... I wasn't excited to hop out of bed in the morning to build websites.

I wanted more. I knew I was here for so much more and that if I could only tap into exactly what that 'more' was, I could feel so much more lit up. 

I felt guilty for wanting that elusive MORE when it seemed I already had so much.

This is how I found myself at the start of a spiritual journey that led me smack bang into the heart of my MORE. 

And now? I feel on fire when I get to help you find yours.


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